Portlander Potluck – a ‘Trust the Chef’ dining experience.

Picture this – you arrive, our friendly wait staff greet and seat you and offer to take your drink order…… but wait, where’s the food menu? You’re now in the hands of our ingenious Chef and as there are no formalities, the food simply arrives for you and your party to enjoy, no fuss, no fret.  Then more food… and even more, glorious food!

Portlander Potluck is a bespoke dining experience based on the current menu, where you place your trust in our chef from start to finish.
It is our interpretation of a modern day ‘roman’ feast; made for indulgence.

Ideal for business meetings (to schmooze clients), date nights, family dinners, foodies – the possibilities are endless!

Book your experience today either through emailing us on [email protected] or phoning us on 04 499 8686.